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The Before Drywall Inspection


This inspection is one done on new construction.  It is NOT a building inspection in the sense that I review code issues or determine if the property meets codes.  It is to provide an objective evaluation of the inspected components at the time of the inspection.  

  • Typically this would be done during a home addition, before the walls are closed up so the work inside is no longer visible. 
  • There are specific Standards of Practice for this inspection as well.  Here is the web page of the American Society of Home Inspectors that lists the standards for Pre-drywall Inspections.
  • These can be very useful to the owner.  As I noted on another page, I have several years of experience, and I have seen many times that items are missed or overlooked and the faults are not found until the walls are 'closed' up.  It is always a good idea to have more than one set of eyes look over the job before things are enclosed.  One mistake can cost someone a lot of money later, and believe me NO one wants to pay.


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