Before Drywall Inspection

This inspection is done on new construction. It is NOT a building code inspection! I’m not allowed legally to search for or mention specific building code issues. It is to provide an objective evaluation of the inspected components at the time of the inspection.  However, many of the items I will be looking for are directly related to building code compliance.

  • Typically this would be done during a new home construction or an addition, before the walls are closed up. Once that is done, the work inside the walls is no longer visible.
  • The same Standards of Practice are used, however some items obviously will not be present.
  • Why would you only ask for this inspection? Frankly, I don’t recommend ONLY asking for a “Before Drywall Inspection”, because so many components of the home are not installed.  However, I WOULD suggest that you consider this in addition to a complete inspection for new construction work.
  • These can be very useful to the owner. As I noted on another page, I have many years of experience.  During that time I have seen incidents when items are missed or overlooked, and the faults aren’t found until the walls are ‘closed’ up. It is always a good idea to have more than one set of eyes look over the job before things are enclosed. One mistake can cost someone a lot of money later, and believe, me NO one wants to accept the responsibility.