Please follow the links below to see a description of our services. The names here are for descriptive purposes. Our contract doesn’t list them with these titles, but the order in the contract is the same as the order on this page.

The Standard Inspection

This is the majority of what we do. We come and dig through the home for observable defects, sometimes in places you might not know to even look in, give you information on the systems in the home, and do our best to give you an overview of the condition of the property.

The Limited Inspection

This is for folks that only need a part of their home inspected. Or perhaps a re-inspection of some repair work.

The Before Drywall Inspection

Actually, it’s supposed to be called gypsum-board, but that’s a different conversation. This inspection is for someone who is building a new home or maybe adding on to their existing home. Why would you want to pay me to do what your builder is supposed to be doing? Why do you want an audit of your bank? To make sure things aren’t forgotten or overlooked. Everyone makes mistakes. It never hurts to have a second look. Believe me, we find mistakes in brand new construction all the time.

The Technically Exhaustive Inspection

This one covers virtually everything that can be inspected. It’s not for the faint of heart.