Our Standard Inspection covers the architectural, structural, and mechanical items outlined in the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), or, State of Indiana mandated, Standards of Practice (SOP).

So what does all that mean?


These are the things most people see as the ‘home’. The walls, the roof, the floors, etc. The components that enclose your home and keep the weather out, and things that make it livable.


These are the things that hold everything architectural together and make the building stand up. The foundations, the beams, the sills, the floor joists, the studs, the ceiling joists, and the roof rafters. These are the things that support your home. If these weren’t installed correctly, or are damaged, your house may start showing visible signs of settlement, misalignment, or in the worst case, might not stand up very much longer.


These are the things that make your house ‘work’. Water service and supply lines, gas service and supply lines, electricity service and wiring, heating and cooling equipment, water, and waste pumps. The things that make your home comfortable and sanitary.


Standards of Practice. This is the listing of what I am to do, and what you can expect of me. It’s a document stating what I inspect and how I will inspect it. Here is a link to the InterNACHI web page with those Standards of Practice, which I follow as the minimum scope of work in Kentucky.  Here  (page 30) is the link to an Adobe PDF file with the Indiana Standards of Practice, which I follow as the minimum scope of work in Indiana. Please read them!  Remember, these are the MINIMUM things that must be done by any inspector following those SOPs.  I and some other inspectors do more.