This is the Granddaddy of all inspections. It will be un-abashedly expensive. Because it covers virtually everything in the home, including some destructive testing. It is designed to tell you as much as can possibly be discovered about a structure without totally dismantling it. We bring in as many professional disciplines as necessary to create a thorough and exhaustive report on the home. This requires the services of several professionals such as structural engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, architects, building envelope specialists, etc. The full listing of specialists needed to perform a total review is in the contract, which you can find on our contract page.

The reality is most people do not need or want this level of investigation. Nor do I recommend it. I offer the service if needed, as I have the contacts available to me from my time in the commercial construction trade. I do not recommend this level of expenditure, but if you do want it, we can accommodate it.